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Prison changed my attitude to sex work, too. My projects I had previously hosted a lecture by a non-binary Mars astronaut, run a workshop on gender-neutral pronouns and started a choir that sang protest songs that would have been met with eye-rolls before her arrival were now enthusiastically scheduled: a showing of the film Made in Dagenham followed by a debate on the gender pay gap. The learning and skills department was running a concurrent visit from a local museum, featuring artefacts from the suffragette movement. I had engaged with ideological debates on the topic of sex work before, of course I had.

Phoebe was the first to speak after I had introduced the topic of equal pay and sexism in the workplace. She was fairly new to the jail, and had been transferred from a big city prison, ruffling the other inmates with her manicured nails and diamante sliders. She directed her comments pointedly to the woman next to her. Before I worked in prisons, I had assumed that sex work must be quite well paid per hour — that even those with a pimp could surely enjoy a split of the takings.

This was wishful thinking.

Although there are plenty of women like Phoebe, they are less likely to end up in jail, meeting people like me. The almost universally male pimps often have a group of women in their employ and rake in the takings in return for protection. Survival sex work has a worse gender pay gap than almost any other industry. There was a silence, then Lesley piped up. Phoebe rolled her eyes. And no one is setting your prices that low either.

Security had arrived. And the questions I had planned about unionisation and female solidarity were drowned out by more immediate concerns.

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But as happened so often in my time in prison, the theories and beliefs I came in with sat uncomfortably next to the nuance of the reality. The majority of sex workers I met in prison, who arrived with bruises and track-marks, would rather have been doing anything else. They needed their rights protected, sure, but they also wanted a route out. The reality was not simple.

It rarely is.

Transgender prisoner reveals truth about jail where 'sex mad' female inmates go 'gay for the stay'

I learned that my idealism had made me treat feminism like a club rather than a journey. The truth is that some women want to start a business, and others would like the safety and security provided by giving control to a trustworthy man, at least for now. Some sex workers want unions, others want an escape route. For feminism to be at all useful, it has to be uncomfortable.

Working in prison messed up my ideas of what feminism should be. I went into prison thinking that I would be able to use feminism to help empower women, and to reform a system. Throughout the United States, pregnant inmates are treated poorly by prison staff because there is a permeating prejudice that pregnant inmates are not "worthy enough to have children".

For example, thirty-five states allow women to be chained to the bed while in labor and giving birth. In states where shackling is illegal, there are a significant amount of lawsuits claiming that shackling was used during childbirth. Researchers have argued that allowing women to remain shackled to a bed during birth is inhumane and undignified.

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