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A code explaining the most recent change to the employee's employment status. Types of reasons are new appointment, re-appointment, etc. Appointment Effective Date. The long description of the code indicating the appointment status of an individual as defined in the Civil Service Law, the Policies of the Board of Trustees or the Public Officers Law.

For example, Permanent, Temporary, etc. Appointment Transaction End Date.

The date on which the transaction is designated as ending COB. This is only relevant in the appointment record. Indicates whether the employee is classified, professional, faculty, student, non-exempt or exempt for RF , etc. Designates the category of employee or relationship of an individual to the University For example, Classified, Professional, Faculty, etc.

Regular, Undergrad, Grad, etc. The operating status of an inventoried asset eg. Assistantship Description. The translation of a code used to identify the level of obligation of a Teaching or Graduate Assistant. A code used to identify the level of obligation of a Teaching or Graduate Assistant. Available Direct balance. A unique identifier that represents transactions that are processed through the Accounting System. A purchase order encumbering funds for a specific period of time for the purchase of unspecified items in a defined category.

A total amount of funds allocated to an account that may or may not be distributed into multiple categories. Time interval for which the report will include any budget amounts that have been entered to the system. The employee's current salary rate on an annual basis. Balance of cash in an account using the following formula? Beginning Balance of account plus Net Revenues less expenditures. This Cash Balance does not take encumbrances into account.

Cash Balance End of Period. Unclassified service employee whose employment relationship is so limited as not to justify assignment to a negotiating unit.

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The current status of one's citizenship i. Encompasses all offices and employments in the service of the State or any of its civil divisions, except offices and employments in the Division of Military and Naval Affairs. The Civil Service is divided into the unclassified and classified service. Civil Service Commission. Considered the "watchdog" of the New York State merit system, the Civil Service Commission is composed of three members appointed by the Governor.

From the three, one is appointed by the Governor to serve as President. The President is the administrative head of the Department of Civil Service. The Commission promulgates rules, hears appeals, and conducts investigations. The rules of the Civil Service Commission implement the Civil Service Law, provide procedures and other details for carrying out the law, and have the force of law themselves.

Civil Service Title Code. Positions sufficiently similar in respect to duties and responsibilities that the same title may be used to designate each position in a group, the same salary may be equitably applied, the same qualifications required, and the same examination used to select qualified employees. A Class may sometimes consist of one position where no other similar positions exist. Classification Standard. A classification standard is a document that provides detailed information describing a class of positions.

They are description, not restrictive; their purpose being to portray for each class of positions the duties and responsibilities which, if present in an individual position, will cause to fall in that class. Classified Probationary Period.

All Classified employees appointed to a position on a permanent or contingent permanent basis serve a probationary term in the position. Employees appointed to a temporary position do not serve a probationary term, nor does their service in the temporary position count towards the probationary term of a subsequent permanent appointment.

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To create a position new and existing according to the similarity of duties and responsibilities and assign a class title State or Payroll title RF. Two-week "permission" periods given by Civil Service in Albany to fill vacant classified positions by means other than mandatory lay-off lists State Only. Collective Bargaining Agreement. An agreement reached through collective negotiations between management and representatives of employee unions.

The long description of the code indicating the college name where the employee's degree was earned. Commitment Obligation.

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The translation of a code identifying the type of work year obligation the individual has to the University Academic or Calendar - Other and College Year to be added. The Jurisdictional Class under the Classified Civil Service Classified Service composed of positions for which it is practicable to determine the merit and fitness of applicants by competitive examination. The date the transaction has been completed. Marks the end of the transaction and workflow process.

A single alpha data field which indicates the current level of utility status of the asset, i. Permanent appointment to a competitive or non-competitive position left temporarily vacant by the leave of absence of the permanent incumbent. Contingent Permanent Probation. Status of a classified new hire or promotion who fills a "hold" item and has NOT completed their probation State Only. Continuing Appointment Term. A continuing appointment shall be an appointment to a position of academic rank which shall not be affected by changes in such rank and shall continue until resignation, retirement or termination.

A number assigned to a legal agreement between two parties. For Procurement purposes, contracts are prefaced by a letter designation. A sponsored program cost that is not reimbursed by the sponsor. Also referred to as Matching Funds. A private supervisory conference between a supervisor and a subordinate employee at which the employee's performance deficiencies are discussed. The motivation for such counseling sessions is to improve the employee's performance and eliminate the performance deficiencies.

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A written follow-up to an employee following counseling which confirms the reason for the counseling, a summary of the effect of the employee's deficiencies, a summary of the employee's response to the counseling, and the corrective actions expected. Amount of revenue or expense journaled to an account that increases the balance in that account.

Current Month Expenditures. Date of Expected Permanent Appointment. Department Audit Number. Department Budge Revision Number. Department Chair Stipend Amount. Department Chair Stipend Description. Department Chair Stipend Funding Type. Code used to identify the source of funds from which the employee's Dept Chair Stipend Amount is paid. Department Requisition Number.

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Is an optional number that can be entered into eReq by creator or approver for tracking purpose or to associate eReq in Department's shadow system. This element contains additional descriptive data.

The type of information is dependent upon the transaction type. Action taken against an employee for misconduct or incompetence when other efforts i. Disciplinary penalties range from official reprimands, suspension without pay, fines, loss of accrued leave credits, and reduction in grade, to dismissal from service.