How to clean vinyl records

Though the return of raising the grade of the record might be worth it for those looking to sell many records. Why clean a record?

The typical analogue vinyl record has around half a mile of grooves; any dirt or debris picked up as your stylus makes its long journey through your record will have an impact on sound quality. Also, just like a dirty or bumpy road will wear your car tires quicker, dirty grooves will inevitably make life harder for your stylus. Why clean a new record? New Records are contaminated with factory dirt, packaging debris, and release agent from the manufacturing process, not to mention a static charge able to make your hair stand on end!

Thoroughly cleaning albums reduces a tremendous amount of background noise. New sleeves, especially Mofi and Diskeeper do a great job of eliminating most static. Have been cleaning albums with commercial fluids, currently using Tergikleen, with great results for over 40 years.

How to Clean Your Vinyl Records By Hand — Maplewood Records

Using a VPI Whomever NeahkahnieGold is truly has no experience in cleaning albums and what the results can be. Use two lint free cloths. Wet the record in circular motion. Do not let the record dry by itself. Use the second, dry cloth in circular motion to dry the record.

At worst you may have To play the record through once and give it one more wipe to remove any last residue. With great results.

People trying to sell you cleaning solution are just trying to sell you stuff. I use a vintage RCA discwasher record cleaning system. It works great. It has to be the with the Black fiber material on the brush. Works much better than the new style. I tend to agree with Kaleidosmoker. I have been collecting records for 40 years. I have a good carbon fibre brush and always dust a record before playing.

I handle the record carefully, with clean hands and by the edges! After years of playing vinyl you get used to handling a record properly and it takes no extra time. This Japanese classic uses a sticky roller which, when pulled across a record, lifts dust and grime from the upper surface and the grooves.

How to wash vinyl records at home

This is by far the best manual record cleaner out there. Simply mix a few capfulls of Spin-Clean Wash Fluid solution with water in the tank. Rotate the record slowly through the solution as the record brushes on either side scrub the record clean. Remove the record, place on a drying cloth and wipe dry with another drying cloth. Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook Page. Contact Us Use the form on the right to contact us. Maplewood Records. The labyrinth of grooves on our vinyl surfaces acts like a dirt trap.

These grooves hold on to skin particles, dust, oil, and much more.

Can you clean vinyl records with vinegar

You have to be a bit more careful, but your ears will thank you for it in the long run. Sure, having a turntable invites the super cool prospect of using your hands to cue up a record or skip to whichever track you want, but this is actually a dangerous maneuver. The cueing lever is designed to help you aim for the gaps between songs and lower the needle slowly and safely. Additionally, never drag your needle across the record for any reason.

Also, be patient and wait until a song is completely finished fading out before pulling the needle up, or else your favorite album might end up sounding like a bowl of Rice Krispies. It seems like everyone has their special method of cleaning records.

Step 2: Prepare the Water

Avoid using thicker agents like dish soap—even if they are harmless from a chemical standpoint, they tend to be thicker and leave trace amounts of residue on your records. Many vinyl cleaning products contain at least some alcohol, which can also be damaging to records, especially with repeated use. So while cleaning records in this manner can be necessary, try to keep your albums as clean as possible with a dry brush and good storage habits. When it comes to wiping down a record, throw-away towels, old t-shirts, and paper towels are no good.