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User geo-location is currently the basis for navigational apps such as Google Maps, location-based advertising , which can promote nearby shops and may allow an advertising agency to track user movements and habits for future use. Regulatory bodies differ between countries regarding the treatment of geo-location data as privileged or not.

Privileged data cannot be stored, or otherwise used, without the user's consent.

GPS vehicle tracking systems allow employers to track their employees' location raising questions regarding violation of employee privacy. There are cases where employers continued to collect geo-location data when an employee was off duty in private time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For navigation provided by a GPS, see Turn-by-turn navigation. See also: automotive navigation system and personal navigation assistant. Further information: Comparison of GPS software.

Car GPS & Navigation System

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Last May [], the North Yorkshire County Council in England put up signs at the entrance to a gravel track declaring it "unsuitable for motor vehicles" after navigation systems had sent drivers on it as a shortcut between two valleys. The rough road quickly turns stony with steep drops in some places, and locals have had to help cars turn around. The Review.

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REVIEW: 704 - 7" GPS Navigation System (Windows CE)

Group Created with Sketch. For our ratings we factor heavily the qualities that make it easy to input destinations and give the most helpful directions. Our recommendations break out the best-performing models overall, and those that perform core navigation chores well and do so at an attractive price. All Ratings.

The Best GPS for Your Car | Digital Trends

Ask CR. You Test. Like the best GPS models, the 55 can also connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, which lets you send destinations to the device, get incoming messages on-screen, and receive extra trip and traffic info. The TomTom Go is a good alternative to take along if you frequently travel outside North America because it offers free downloadable world maps, which are separate, expensive purchases for Garmin models.

While the Go provides many of the same features as the Garmin DriveSmart 55, we prefer the 55 for US use because it gives more specific directions and clearer lane guidance, it has a sharper display, its menu system is easier to use, its voice controls are more extensive, and it offers more driver alerts. Like the DriveSmart 55, this budget model gives you a best-in-class user interface and points-of-interest database, and top-notch directions, but it lacks its high-resolution display, Bluetooth connectivity, voice commands, and Wi-Fi updating. It was about the size of a small desktop computer and could track your car on a digital map, but it left it up to you to plot your own route.

But if you tend to drive in rural areas or off the beaten path, where data coverage is sketchy, you may have found that you were unable to get directions through your phone, perhaps forcing you to resort to a paper map or, gasp , even stop and ask for directions. Similarly, on long road trips, you may have found that navigating with your phone depleted its battery—or your data plan—too quickly.

The best GPS devices can pair with a phone via Bluetooth to get up-to-date traffic and weather info, display text messages and calendar reminders, and allow you to conduct hands-free calls. You can also send destinations and routes from your phone or computer to your GPS device, which can be more convenient than inputting them while sitting in your car. Thinking of buying a new car? All car GPS devices have a common suite of features.

Integrated Navigation, Standalone Devices, and Alternatives

If you miss a turn, it automatically recalculates the route. Most models include digital mapping of the US and Canada, and virtually all of them provide free lifetime map updates, which you download either via Wi-Fi or by plugging the device into a computer, depending on the model. Most have a 5-inch display measured diagonally , although larger 5. In addition, while scouring the specs and features of all current models, we looked for the following options, which can make a device easier to use or more useful:.

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The differences often come down to the way you interact with the device: The best models make it easier to navigate by offering more precise visual and verbal directions, clearer lane guidance through tricky intersections, a more driver-friendly screen layout, and easier methods for inputting destinations. So for each update to this guide, we sought out the latest models from the major brands, set up each in a car, and put them through their paces in environments ranging from rural countrysides to the urban depths of New York City.

We evaluated the driver-friendliness of the screen layout, the accessibility of the menus, and how quickly we could input a destination and get a route—both by entering it on the screen and, when possible, by using voice commands. We tinkered with the settings, evaluated the routing, assessed how easy it is to update the map and POI data, and judged the sturdiness of the included mount and simplicity of installation and removal of the device.

We also paired each unit to a smartphone, when possible, to see what advantages that provided. This latter feature results in a larger, 5.

Top 5 Best GPS Navigation System In India

As with your smartphone, the 55 allows multi-touch gestures, such as pinching or spreading for easier zooming on a map. This is a clear step up from the resistive displays of less expensive units, which allow only single-finger gestures and require you to tap on the plus and minus buttons to zoom in or out. The latest map software now includes topographical shading shown to the right of the road to indicate mountains—a nice addition. Photo: Rik Paul.